Kristin Cavallari may have moved from the O.C. to L.A. to Chicago to her current home of Nashville, but at heart, she’s a SoCal girl through and through. So when the powers-that-be at The Grove came a-calling, offering the reality star turned designer an opportunity to launch a holiday pop-up with her jewelry brand, Uncommon James, she definitely wasn’t about to resist. We chatted with Cavallari about everything from her designer inspiration to her new pop-up (where she’s actually filming the second season of her E! series “Very Cavallari” to parenting to why she won’t be appearing on “The Hills” reboot in 2019 (we mean, it’s no day at the beach, after all).

Tell us about your motivation to open the Uncommon James pop-up shop at The Grove. What items will be unique to Los Angeles? How does it differ from your Nashville store?
Being asked to have a pop-up at The Grove was an honor. The Grove is iconic so I jumped at the opportunity. We will only be selling jewelry and candles. We have exclusive LA branded T-shirts as well.

Do you have any plans to open a permanent boutique in LA?
Not right now. The Grove is my way of testing the waters before making it permanent.

Why did you decide to do this now?
The time of year and The Grove being super exclusive, were two huge deciding factors for me.

Will LA shoppers have a big change of running into you while shopping at UJ The Grove for the holidays?
Possibly! I’ll definitely be stopping by when I’m in town.

What was the inspiration behind your fall jewelry collection for Uncommon James?
I’m always drawn to geometrics. Clean lines and the balance between edgy and dainty. Everything is effortless, so it can take you from day to night.

Tell us about the launch of your new children’s line, Little James! Where did you draw inspiration from and what sort of pieces are available?
The goal with Little James is to marry what both kids want to wear with what parents want their kids to wear. I launched Little James with holiday pajamas. I wanted the PJs to be understated and not obvious, in your face holiday PJs. The colors are muted and the prints can be worn beyond December. Moving forward, the line will be effortless and clean, soft and sweet.

How do your kids personally inspire your designs?
My kids are very active so I wanted all the clothes to be made to withstand a busy life. All 3 of my kids are opinionated, so I always ask their opinions on everything- I truly want them to love each item.

Which of your children is most like you and how? Which is most like Jay and how?
I see parts of me in all 3 of my kids. Camden has a very soft, sweet side, which I have, but then Saylor and Jaxon stand their ground and don’t let anyone walk all over them, which is also me! I also see Jay in all 3 kids.

Your life is very different today compared to when you last lived in LA filming “The Hills.” How does it feel to have a presence with your brand back here in those roots?
It’s an incredible feeling. Uncommon James is professionally what I’m most proud of, so coming home with it is really exciting for me.

Why did you decide not to join the new “The Hills” reboot? Was it because of your own show, or for another reason? Will the shows have any crossover?
I wasn’t able to because of my show, “Very Cavallari.” I would have loved to be part of it! I’ll be tuning in like everyone else.


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