Us Weekly Cover Story: Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is sharing her best dating advice as navigates the single life herself.

“People really swear by the [dating] apps. They really do,” Cavallari, 36, exclusively tells Us Weekly while answering fan questions about dating from where to find their potential partner to navigating a first date. “All of my friends are trying to get me on the apps, but I really believe — I really do — if a guy is supposed to come into my life, he will come into my life one way or another.”

If dating apps aren’t working out for you, the Laguna Beach alum suggests trying to “get out more” and “try new things” — like going to a bar or restaurant or even taking up a painting or pottery class in an attempt to meet someone new.

When it comes down to scoring the first date, Cavallari — who finalized her divorce from ex-husband Jay Cutler in 2022 — has a series of rules she likes to follow. For her fit, she likes to be “careful with how much skin” she is exposing. “I think you should either show your legs or your upper body, but not both,” Cavallari explains.



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