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Kristin Cavallari was never far removed from the beauty-and-wellness scene. In fact, she’s been plopped straight into the center of it since she was a teen, starring in the early 2000s sensation that was Laguna Beach. Living in SoCal meant she was always in tune with the latest and greatest when it came to taking care of her skin, hair, and body. Although, she didn’t come to realize that until early adulthood. “I’d say a turning point for me was in my early 20s,” she says. “I just started seeing the effects of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of my skin. Living in L.A. definitely played a role in that since it’s incredibly healthy and always up to date with the latest health-and-beauty craze.” 

After being asked countless times about her skincare routine, Cavallari dove into the world of skin, doing research and learning everything she could about the industry. “What I learned was pretty surprising—a lot of ‘clean’ brands aren’t necessarily clean and don’t really do what they say they’re going to do, so I felt like there was an actual need for a line with good-for-you ingredients.” That’s when she decided it was time to make her mark and start her own brand, Uncommon Beauty.

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  1. “I love this mask after I’ve been traveling or in the cooler months for an extra hydration boost to leave my skin feeling rejuvenated.”
  2. “I had breakage a couple of years ago, and this oil brought my hair back to life.”
  3. “I never use hair tools without spraying this first to protect my hair.”
  4. “I love a good cream blush and that this brand is clean.”
  5. “These are awesome for cell turnover to keep our skin looking vibrant, smooth, and even.”
  6. “My forever favorite nude shade!”
  7. “I use this in place on bronzer, and I like that it’s a cream so you can build as much as you want.”
  8. “My favorite clean mascara to lengthen and give volume.”
  9. “My day-to-day makeup routine is simple: I just use mascara and fill in my brows. I think a perfected brow can make a huge difference in your appearance.”
  10. “This toothpaste has minerals in it, making it really good for your mouth health. It’s clean, plus it tastes great.”
  11. “I use this toner at night for extra exfoliation.”
  12. “These eye masks are perfect before an event to depuff eyes and even lines.”
  13. “This is peptides and vitamin C in one, so it’s hydrating, brightening, and anti-aging.”
  14. “Great spot treatment for zits or other imperfections.”


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