Did you know that Kristin…

…was a freshman at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. (2006)
…attended her high school freshman year at a Catholic school before switching to a public school
…has two siblings, one a biological older brother (Mike) and one a step-brother
…moved to Laguna Beach the summer after junior high to live with her dad and brother. Before that, she lived in Colorado and then moved to Chicago and lived with her mom, step-father, and step-brother. One of the very few characters not originally from the area
…aspires to be either a talk show hostess or a news anchorwoman
…eanked #8 on Reality TV Magazine’s List of ‘The Greatest Female Reality Stars’ of 2005
…was slated to be co-hosting a show on UPN called ‘Get This Party Started’ (2006), but the latter was canceled after only two episodes
…was on the cover of Seventeen, had sexy photos in Rolling Stone and has appeared on numerous television talk shows
…attended VH1’s Big in ’05 Awards, as a nominee for the “it girl” of 2005, which eventually went to Lindsay Lohan
…has a shih tzu named Bru
…graduated from high school with a 3.6 GPA
…recently had Lasik eye surgery and documented it for realitylasik.com
…today is not frenemies with Lauren
…designed a shoe for ShoeDazzle called ‘Bardot’
…owns a dog who’s name is Bardot
…was engaged to Jay Cutler just a few months 2010
…was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars
…visited Greece in 2010
…likes fries and burgers best in the fast food category
…is allergic to derry
…lost her brother suddenly in 2015
…Uncommon James stands for her daughter’s middle name and the fact that it is uncommon for a girls name

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