Here is a rundown of Kristin’s public relationships; flings, dating, boyfriends, friends – you name it.

Current Partner

Jay Cutler
2010- | Type: Engagement + Marriage
Met Kristin after a pre-season game in August 2010 and hit it off. Sources say they “kissed all night” on their first date in late August. The couple were engaged-to-be-married in 2011 and got married in June of 2013. Kristin and Jay share three children and reside in Nashville, TN.

Previous Partners

Mark Ballas
2012 | Type: Friendship
When Kristin joined ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (while going through a break-up), the press forced themselves on Kristin’s personal life and started writing about her new dance partner and professional, Mark Ballas. The two got very close, but only as friends which they stated multiple times to media.
Miguel Medina
2010 | Type: Dating
Met Cavallari at work – as a cameraman for the long- running MTV reality show ‘The Hills’. Reported dating for months but ended late summer of 2010.
Justin Brescia -Justin Bobby
2009 | Type: Dating
When Kristin returned to ‘The Hills’ after leaving the show for several seasons, she fell into the arms of co-star Justin Brescia. It’s been confirmed those two actually never dated after we found out The Hills was scripted.
Matt Leinart
2008 | Type: Dating
The two dated while Leinart was still a Trojan and she was in high school, but officially they were spotted in 2008 for her 21st birthday.
Chris Evans
2008 | Type: Friendship
‘New York Post’ reported that Chris and Kristin hooked-up some time during 2008. Kristin denied it and claimed they were just friends.
Nick Lachey
2006 | Type: Dating
Spotted in L.A. on dates with Kristin in early 2006. In press they both said there were no chemistry between them and that they remain friends.
Nick Zano
2006-2007 | Type: Relationship
This relationship was one of the most real ones for Kristin. Kristin and Nick fell quickly in love with each other. The two lived together for a period, with Kristin eventually calling it quits in order to “keep her options open.” They also made matching tattooes on their hands, “KC” and “NC” to express their love for each other.
Brody Jenner
2005-2006 | Type: Relationship
Cozied up with Kristin right after Laguna Beach when she moved to L.A.. The two were dating for quite some time and spotted several times hanging out in Malibu together. Kristin was later portraited with Brody on ‘the Hills’. They’re still good friends though.

Talan Torriero
2004 | Type: Fling
Went to the same high- school as Kristin also casting on ‘Laguna Beach’ back in 2004. Talan had a crush on her long before they went on a date. Kristin was not in it for more than a fling though.
Stephen Colletti
2003-2004 | Type: Relationship
High-school sweethearts with Kristin. The tail-end of their relationship was documented on the MTV reality show ‘Laguna Beach.’ The two were in love but had to face ups-and-downs as the show portraited them in a love-triangle.