Welcome to the style section

This is the place for you who are looking for pieces of clothing, footwear, jewelry etc. that you’ve seen Kristin wear on her Instagram, out and about, on the red carpet, on Very Cavallari and more.

Items sell extremely fast and some of them don’t restock so make sure you grab your favorites before they’re gone!

Feel free to let us know and/or reach out to us if you have any questions at kristincavallaridailyATgmail.com.

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Few things to keep in mind

– Styles from red carpet/public appearances/publication are by Kristin’s stylist – not Kristin herself. Sometimes she gets to keep the items, sometimes she doesn’t.

– It takes hours to locate the items online – please be kind to credit kristindaily.org/style if you use any information on this page/spread it.

– Some links might be broken due to retailers deleting product pages etc.

Outfits: Very Cavallari