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Here is a rundown of layouts through the years. As you can see, way of web changed a lot since 2007. And ever since launch day back in 2007, there has been a couple of different domains referencing this web site, among those are (in order): cavallari-fan.com, oh-kristin.net, kcavallari.com, kristincavallaridaily.com, kristinpictures.com, kristindaily.org, kristin-cavallari.us, kristincavallari.net. Thanks to web archives out there, there have been versions saved of Kristin Cavallari Daily that still today are available for browsing.

Cavallari-Fan.com | Summer 2008 – Fall 2008 – Made by Anna
Cavallari-Fan.com | Fall 2007 – Summer 2008 – Made by Mel
Live link
Cavallari-Fan.com | Spring 2007 (Couple of weeks)
The Summer of 2007, I had my friend Robin take care of the updates because I was away all Summer that year.
Kcavallari.fan-sites.org | Spring 2007 Layout #2 – Made by Renata
Live link
Spring 2007 Launch Layout – Purple (Couple of weeks)

2009 Fall -NYLON

2018 Fall – Live link

2018 Spring – Live link

2017 Fall – Temporary layout Live link

2017 Winter – Once again, content was lost. Live link

Same theme – different colors Live link

Winter 2014/2015 – Spring 2016 – Made by Ilhana
2015 was definitely a total new beginning – responsive web design finally came live and I had to re-do the web site so that it was mobile friendly. This layout was so functional and so much fun to work on.
Spring 2012 – Winter 2014 – Made by Ilhana
Six months after losing all my work completely due to terrible hosts – I spend day in and day out to build my web site up again. I buy the domain kristindaily.org by myself (as I was finally 18 by this time) and figured if anything happens – I have at least control over this domain. Because of so much lost work in the past – I kept this layout up for over two years because I focused on getting the content back up from scratch.
KCavallari.com | Fall 2011 – Winter 2011 – Made by Ilhana
This was the last layout on the domain kcavallari.com before it was taken from me and put up for adoption by the host at the time.
Live link
KCavallari.com | Spring 2011 – Fall 2011 – Made by Ilhana
Live link
KCavallari.com | Fall 2010 – Spring 2011 – Made by Deea
Truly one of my favorites layouts of all time. And the shoot is outstanding!!
Live link
Cavallari-Fan.com | Spring 2010 – Fall 2010 – Made by Ilhana
This was the last layout on the domain cavallari-fan.com before it was taken from me and shut down. With the main domain, I was also given kristinphotos.us for the photo gallery.
Live link

March 2008 – light green layout;…



2015 Spring – Made by Ilhana Live link

2013 Fall
Live link

Photo gallery – Kristinphotos.us (2011)
Fall 2011 – Made by Ilhana Live link

Fall 2010 Live link

Fall 2009 – Spring 2010Live link