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Kristin Cavallari meets with Cosmopolitan

As any true early-aughts-era MTV stan knows: Kristin Cavallari was the best part of Laguna Beach and The Hills. And she’s back—this time on E! in Very Cavallari, premiering on Sunday and chronicling the high-drama goings-on of Cavallari and her staff at her Nashville flagship store Uncommon James, home to her jewelry and décor collections.

But don’t expect the same reality TV villain you’ve come to love/love to hate. “I've grown a lot,” Cavallari explained when she stopped by HQ this week to chat about the new series. “With Laguna Beach and The Hills, they really only showed one side of my personality and that's how it was amplified. On Very Cavallari, you get to see every side. As a wife and a mom. As a best friend. As a boss.” (OK, fine. You can expect a little of the old Kristin, too: “The boss side is the closest to the Laguna Beach and The Hills Kristin.”

Cosmopolitan did a short interview with Kristin about her upcoming reality show Very Cavallari:

On her new show:
"I launched my flagship store and my headquarters in Nashville because my husband retired from football. And with that, I felt like there was just a good opportunity to do a reality show where it's not just focused on my family. It doesn't rely on my marriage for the drama; I can leave it up to my staff. It's sort of the best of both worlds for me. And while Jay, my husband, is on it, my kids are not. I'm really excited because it gets me back into reality TV without airing my dirty laundry."

On being behind the camera:
"I'm an executive producer this time around so I have a say in what's going on, and I always know what is going on. I have some creative control and having that security blanket is such a great feeling coming from Laguna Beach and The Hills. I don't think I would have done it had I not gotten that just because, you know, it's one thing when I was 18 and it was just me to look out for, but I have three kids, I'm a wife, it's no longer just me that I have to think about anymore."

On prepping the Uncommon James staff for reality TV fame:
"I really just wanted to make sure that they were comfortable the whole time — I never had someone that I could go to during Laguna Beach or The Hills. Now with this show gearing up to premiere everyone has had their moment of freaking out about what's to come, which I get. Right now, I'm telling them to not to read any of the comments once the show premieres. What I've learned is, no matter what you do, you can't please everybody. So at the end of the day you should just do you and live your life. And who cares if someone in wherever doesn't like you. Other people do."

On being an executive producer — and learning about what’s actually going down behind the scenes:
"I've definitely had some moments of like, OK, I always knew these things were going on on Laguna Beach and The Hills. But now to see them firsthand — OK, got it. These were the discussions that producers were having about me at one point. Yeah, that doesn't sit well with me. These are discussions about storylines and specific things that we're trying to get for the show. Producers tend to look at these people as cast mates when really, they are people. And, for me, this is my real company. So there's that fine line of yes, we are making a reality show but this is also real life. But at the end of the day, we're filming a TV show and I get it. And that's also what I told the girls, too: If you're not going to fully embrace it, there's no point in doing it. Just enjoy it and have fun."

On why she wouldn’t let her kids do reality TV:
"I guess a little part of me just thinks I was so young to be doing some of that stuff. I was 17, I wasn't even an adult yet. But I don't look back and regret anything. I'm so thankful for my experience. And ultimately I have such a positive feeling towards both Laguna Beach and The Hills. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I just think about how young I was—I don't think I would let my kids do a show until they're 18 years old and they can legally make that decision."

On this classic Cabo clip from Laguna Beach:
"I wasn't even doing anything! I got so much shit for that — I mean, they made it seem like I was the only one up on the bar dancing that's what everybody does in Cabo. I still go to Cabo. People are still dancing in the bars. And I wasn't with Stephen. But no, I was the bad guy. Just living my life, man."

On where the evolution of her style and where she finds design inspo:
"I'm inspired, truly, by the modern woman. The modern woman doesn't have time every morning to, say, try on ten different pieces of jewelry. Everyone wants to grab and go. I want you to throw on all of my jewelry and never take it off. I don't want you to think about it. I'm drawn to simplicity with everything in my life whether it's my personal style, how I decorate my house, whatever. When I was on Laguna Beach I didn't even know what fashion was. And then I graduated high school and moved up to L.A. and I was in the entertainment business going to photo shoots and all of a sudden had stylists I was working with and getting to wear all these great clothes but because I had no idea what my style was, I just sort of conformed to whatever people wanted to put me in."

On what present-day Very Cavallari Kristin would say to 17-year-old Laguna Beach Kristin:
"Enunciate. Enunciate your damn words."

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Kristin Cavallari’s Nashville Guide

Kristin collaborates with Us Weekly for a guide on Nashville.

Kristin Cavallari meets with Us Weekly - Explains Why She's Going Back to Reality TV

Back to reality! Kristin Cavallari has come a long way since her days on The Hills and Laguna Beach. The MTV alum has retired her former "bitch" status and is replacing it with an executive producer title on her new E! reality series Very Cavallari. The Hills vet sat down exclusively with Us Weekly and dished on her return to television. Watch the video above to hear how she convinced hubby Jay Cutler to be on board with the show, and which areas of her life are totally off limits! And, for more on Cavallari and her new show, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

Us Weekly Magazine did a short interview with Kristin about her upcoming show Very Cavallari:

Tell Us how this show will be different from The Hills and Laguna Beach.
This time around, it’s really nice for me because I am an executive producer, I sort of have that security blanket, and it allows me to just film freely and not have to worry about things I was saying. I have gotten a few things taken out. Just to be honest. I think as a mom, sometimes I need to watch myself a little bit more and so, I left a few things in that will probably get me in trouble. But at the same time, I am trying to make a good show, and I understand what goes into it. But yes, having some creative control and really working with a team of people that respect my decisions was really great. It was a really enjoyable experience for me.

Will your kids make cameos on the show?
My kids are not on it. Jay and I really, we just don’t want to rob them of that decision to have their lives blasted all over the place, but you still get to see me as a mom in some sense –Facetiming my kids or talking about my kids or whatever. But yeah, so I’m excited. It’s just my life in Nashville. It’s nice to be in one place now. We used to go back and forth between Chicago and Nashville, so just to be in one spot, and with Jay being done with football, I just felt it was a good time for me to get back on TV.

Did you have to convince Jay to do it?
Yeah. I did. He just told me I had to convince him to still do it. Jay is a very private person. And even though he played football, he really only wanted to play football, and he didn’t really like the whole media aspect of it all, so it was very new for him, but we were … we just talked beforehand about what we wanted to talk about and what we didn’t want to talk about, areas in the house that we wanted to show, and we didn’t want to show. I just wanted to make sure that he was comfortable. Obviously, my family is way more important to me than filming a show, so as long as he was cool, I was cool.

What areas are off limits?
Master bedroom. Off limits. You do see the master bathroom, but not the master bedroom!

Is there conflict between you and Jay on the show?
Well, no, because Jay and I really talked about what we were comfortable putting out there, and we let you into our relationship, but we still kind of keep you here, which is the only way that either one of use would do it. You see us battling about moving, moving houses and stuff like that, but it’s all in good fun, there’s no … we’re not really airing our dirty laundry on the show.

Why did you decide to settle down in Nashville?
Jay went to Vanderbilt. One of the first times we ever hung out, we came to Nashville for 24 hours and I completely fell in love. And we just decided that this was where we wanted to be when he was done with football. We just always knew this is where we wanted to raise our family.

Tell us about your role as executive producer of Very Cavallari.
I’ve seen seven of the eight episodes, and I really do think it’s good. I think this is the first show that I can really get behind and say this is in fact me. Even though coming from reality TV, I could never really say that. So that’s nice for me. It’s the grown-up Kristin, and you get to see me as a boss now, and sort of handing the torch over to everybody else to allow to take the lead on the drama front. It’s not necessarily about my personal drama, which is very nice.