Who is Kristin Cavallari?
Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari, 31, born in Denver, Colorado, got famous during the reality show Laguna Beach, to where she moved to live with her dad and brother Mike. Kristin was also in the last seasons of its spin-off, The Hills in 2009. Kristin married Jay Cutler in June of 2013, and they have three children together: Camden, born 2012, Jaxon in 2014, and daughter Saylor in 2015. Kristin published her first book Balancing in Heels in 2016. In 2017, Kristin started her own life style brand Uncommon James, and launched her cookbook True Roots in 2018. In the Summer of 2018, Kristin’s new reality show, Very Cavallari, premiered on E! Network and Little James first came out in the Winter of 2018/2019.
Latest News
  • March 07 - Uncommon James Spring 2020 Collection Launch Party
  • March 07 - Kristin Cavallari Reveals That She’s Going to Appear on ‘The Hills’
  • February 09 - 92nd Annual Academy Awards
  • January 25 - Uncommon James Chicago presents Q & A with Kristin and Jay
  • January 09 - Very Cavallari Season 3 – Press week
  • January 05 - 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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  • By admin / kristindaily | March 07, 2020

    Kristin Cavallari hosted the first-ever Uncommon James Collection Launch Party for the Spring 2020 Collection in Hollywood, CA on March 5, 2020.

    By admin / kristindaily | February 09, 2020
    Kristin Cavallari at 92nd Annual Academy Awards, February 9, 2020

    Kristin Cavallari attended 92nd Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, CA on February 9, 2020.

    By admin / kristindaily | January 25, 2020
    Uncommon James Chicago presents Q & A with Kristin and Jay

    Uncommon James Chicago is hosting an exclusive Private Valentine’s Day Event Friday, February 14th 2020. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with UJ on Valentine’s Day!

    Tickets: $200 per person

    Q+A with our founder and CEO Kristin and her husband Jay Cutler.

    Your ticket includes:

    Food and drinks by Dineamic Hospitality
    Private shopping experience
    Selfie station
    Submission of question(s) to ask Kristin and Jay during this private event

    Get your tickets now!

    Date and Time
    Fri, February 14, 2020
    7:00 PM – 10:00 PM CST

    Uncommon James
    849 West Randolph Street
    Chicago, IL 60607

    By admin / kristindaily | January 09, 2020

    Kristin Cavallari attended a couple of public appearances for press week for Very Cavallari Season 3 between January 6 and January 9, 2020.

    By admin / kristindaily | January 05, 2020

    Kristin Cavallari attended 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 5, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.

    By admin / kristindaily | October 26, 2019
    Uncommon James Chicago Store Grand Opening [Intimate] - October 25, 2019
    Uncommon James Chicago Store Grand Opening [Intimate] - October 25, 2019

    Kristin Cavallari hosted two nights of grand opening of Uncommon James Store in Chicago between October 25, 2019 and October 26, 2019. The address to the store is 849 W Randolph St Chicago, IL 60607.

    By admin / kristindaily | September 22, 2019
    Kristin Cavallari at 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - September 22, 2019

    Kristin Cavallari attends the 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA.

    By admin / kristindaily | September 10, 2019
    Kristin Cavallari at Daltile 'A Modern Gala' - New York during Fashion Week on September 10, 2019

    Daltile, the industry leader in tile, natural stone and countertop, announced they are working with Cavallari on a campaign called “Design Your Life,” which highlights the brand’s wide range of high-style solutions for any project or space. The campaign, which debuted in April, was shot by celebrity photographer Dennis Leopold, known for photographing A-listers like Rihanna, Margot Robbie and Kim Kardashian.

    The new partnership was celebrated on September 10 in New York during Fashion Week where we were able to catch up with the mom-of-three to find out about how she’s using Daltile in her home and how she balances business and motherhood.

    So, why did you decide to partner with Daltile?
    KRISTIN CAVALLARI: I really look at your home as an extension of your individual style. And in that sense, I really think that it should be part of fashion. So, I partnered with Daltile because they’re able to come in help you customize rooms in your house to represent your personal style. I’m actually in the middle of re-doing a bathroom right now, and I’m using them. They just have really cool materials. I went for a darker, almost concrete looking material. We’re doing a very modern moody bathroom, and they had endless options. They’ve been a dream to work with, and I’ve loved every second.

    Why did you decide to re-do a bathroom?
    KC: We’re building a pool house and needed a bathroom. They’re going to do all the tile.

    Does this partnership with Daltile suggest an expansion of Uncommon James into the interior design world?
    KC: You never know! We have Uncommon James home, which has more accessories. But, for now, Daltile was just very on-brand for me. They’re very fashion-forward and have really cool materials.

    How do you think your interior design style has changed over the years?
    KC: I think that my home aesthetic really matches my personal style. When I’m designing jewelry, everything I do is simplistic. I don’t like anything too perfect. I like having a balance between masculine and feminine or edgy and girly. With that being said, I think our house is kind of farmhouse rustic with little modern contemporary touches.

    You’ve expanded your brand so much. What would you still like to tackle?
    KC: I’m going to launch something spring 2020. I’m hesitant to say what it is yet, but it’s another accessory. I’m going to really start focusing on like the face. Victoria Secret owns the body. Uncommon James necklaces and earrings are top sellers always have and always will be. And so how else can we capture that face and represent that as a lifestyle?

    Looking back to your Laguna Beach days, did you ever think you’d be where you are now?
    KC: No! It’s crazy. I still have to pinch myself. I’m so knee-deep in it all that I have to remind myself to take a step back sometimes and be like, wow, this is really cool instead of just being so laser-focused on the future. It’s a dream

    What can we expect on the next season of Very Cavallari?
    KC: The first episode is crazy. There’s so much drama. It’s heartbreaking drama for me, and I don’t want to spill too much, but it’s happening. When I decided to go back to reality TV, I made a commitment. I’m going to put out what’s really going on in my life. You guys will just have to wait and see.

    How is this reality TV experience compared to your past ones?
    KC: This has been such an amazing experience, and I’m so thankful that I went back so that I can end with a good taste in my mouth. Being an executive producer on the show, I’m working with a team of people that really value my creative direction, and it’s a collaborative effort.

    Besides your businesses and being on TV, you also have three kids! How do you balance it all?
    KC: Honestly, Jay has helped so much. I couldn’t do it without him. My kids are also in school. My boys are in school Monday through Friday, and my daughter goes three days a week. That helps with balancing my time. And you know, it gets crazy when I’m filming, and I go to the office every day. But, I take my kids to school, then I go to the office, and I can leave at two o’clock if I want to go pick them up. So, I have that flexibility, which is really nice. And I have a routine I stick to. I’m home every night for dinner no matter what. Every weekend I’m with the kids. Obviously once in a blue moon, I have to go away like to the Emmy’s next week. But for the most part, I’m not hanging out with friends on the weekend. I’m with my kids and Jay, and I love it. We choose to do that because we love our family. When I’m dying, I’m not going to think about those extra hours I put in with Uncommon James. I’m going to remember the time with my kids. That’s what matters.

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