Is Kristin Cavallari divorcing Jay Cutler because he’s unmotivated?

Kristin Cavallari is divorcing Jay Cutler in part because she was sick of the former NFL star lying around the house, Page Six is told. The “Hills” star married Cutler in 2013 when he was a quarterback with the Chicago Bears, and we’re told she thought he was lined up for a demanding career as […]

Kristin Cavallari + Jay Cutler reach joint custody agreement

Details of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s joint custody agreement have been revealed in new court docs filed on May 4. It even stipulates how they should speak about each other in front of their kids. Kristin Cavallari, 33, and Jay Cutler, 37, have agreed to split custody of their three children — Saylor James, […]

Kristin Cavallari + Jay Cutler are separating after almost 10 years together

After almost 10 years together, 7 years married and 3 beautiful children, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have announced that they are separating. Jay Cutler Is “Upset” Kristin Cavallari Is Requesting Primary Custody of Their Kids in Their Divorce Kristin apparently also wants to move out to Los Angeles from Nashville. Just when we thought […]